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Buying a Used or Tokunbo Car In Nigeria

Buying a Used or Tokunbo Car In Nigeria

If you are intending to purchase a used car in Nigeria, it is important for you to be guided when buying a used or tokunbo cars in Nigeria.

Used cars or tokunbo cars are less costly than new ones. At times, they are bought in good condition and sold at pocket-friendly prices. 

Just like purchasing new vehicles, there are certain factors which car buyers should know when buying a used or tokunbo car in Nigeria. These tips will help you to make a perfect choice and get the best deal when purchasing any vehicle in Nigeria. 

Buying a Used or Tokunbo Car In Nigeria
Buying a Used or Tokunbo Car In Nigeria

There are various car brands available for Nigerians to choose from, this is one of the reasons why an average Nigerian faces a tough time in picking an ideal car which would suit his needs. 

The simple truth is that tokunbo cars are far less expensive than new cars and most of the tokunbo cars that are shipped into Nigeria from overseas arrive in good condition.

This article is meant to enlighten you on some tips to get best deal when buying a used or tokunbo car in Nigeria. 

Also, this article can serve as a guide for buying a new car. We would provide you with some key techniques which have been used by car buyers in purchasing tokunbo cars. As a wise car buyer who is set to purchase a new or used car, sit back and enjoy the article to the end.

Firstly, before buying a used or tokunbo car in Nigeria in any automobile market, you should have it at the back of your mind that both you (the buyer) and the store owner (the seller) desire to get the best for himself. No one would go into a negotiation with the plan to be cheated or exploited; both parties want to come out winners in the deal.  

Therefore, if you want to make the best deal in any transaction with any car seller, you must have a good knowledge of the car market, you must know the type of cars that suits your climate, or environment. Also, the depth of your pocket speaks in any transaction, ensure that you use it to your own advantage. 

Buying a used or tokunbo car in Nigeria is not an easy choice because most times, you get to buy old cars, or purchase cars that are not in stable condition. Here are some tricks on how to get the best deal when buying a used or tokunbo cars in Nigeria from an experienced auto dealers. 

8 Best Tips For Buying A Used or Tokunbo Car In Nigeria

  1. Know the market price of the car

It is expected that you know what you want for yourself after making a research on the automobile market. It is easier for you to know the price of a new car because the car manufacturer has already suggested retail price for the sale of such vehicle. But it’s a different ball when buying a used or tokunbo car in Nigeria.  

Before patronizing the car dealer, you should have background knowledge or a market estimate of the average price in the market. You should make your research in advance even when you plan to purchase a used vehicle from an accredited and authorized car dealer. 

  1. Get quotes from various dealers

Before buying a used or tokunbo  car in Nigeria, you should do a cross-check with the prices from other dealers to help you get an idea on the market price. 

You can go from store-to-store to get the price quotes of car brands, then, you get to review the list and select the cars with affordable prices.  

If lucky, you get some kind of discount or promotions from certain dealers who want you to buy from them. You can also make a market survey online by emailing car dealers or checking their car prices on their sales page, classified website such as and others.

  1. Explain your request in details

Regardless of where you want to buy cars, be it new or used, you should not fail to disclose the type of cars you want to buy in details to the car dealer. 

Be it at an open automobile market, private shop or a warehouse, you need to give the car dealer some detailed information on the type of car you want to purchase. This sends a message to the car dealer that you are prepared and serious in purchasing the car.

Even when want to buy a car at an online car sales website, you can use the contact page to get in touch with the merchants on email, chatbot, live chat, contact form etc and make them know the type of car you want to purchase.

Even if they do not have the type of car you desire, they can give you better suggestions and convince you to get other cars which meet your criteria.


  1. Be friendly

Most car buyers tend to feel proud when patronizing car sellers. You should be friendly to the sellers and put on a cheerful countenance, even when you are not happy with the reception, or attitude of the seller.

Most sellers are likely prudent and straight forward when negotiating with their customers. Do not be anxious or too quick to purchase a vehicle with any car dealer. Rather, you are advised to take it slow to avoid being hostile, or arrogant to such car seller.

  1. Request to see the original invoice

The invoice of any used car should include some details of the vehicle such as the age of the vehicle and the original price of the vehicle. Another way of getting the best deal when buying a used or tokunbo car in Nigeria is to ask the car seller to produce the original receipt of the car. This will help you to know some basic information about that vehicle. 

Also, you will be able to evaluate the vehicle when you subtract the current year to the production year. This will help you to make a good calculation of the devaluation of such vehicle. 

  1. Price The Car At A Low price And Increase It Gradually

The core objective of this article is to help you to get the best deal in buying a used or tokunbo car in Nigeria. Through these tips, you can also get information on how to buy your dream car. Do not start by pricing the car, rather, you should allow the seller to quote his price before you start pricing the vehicle.

This principle will help the car buyer and the seller to reach an agreed price for the sale of the vehicle. One of the core bargaining skills for buyers to develop is the ability to bid lower than the actual value of the item and then raise the bid gradually. 

If you observed the car well and you took notice of the defects of the vehicle, you can use it to lower the price for the sale of the vehicle. If the brakes are faulty, you can use it to your advantage by telling the seller that you can’t purchase the car at a high rate because you will have to change the faulty brakes after the purchase of the vehicle.

Also, you can try to detect the expression of the seller by maintaining good eye contact with the dealer. There are some things which the dealer may not disclose to you during the negotiations of the vehicle but you can get to find out only if you explore the car and know its value. Without knowing the real worth of a used car, you may end up buying an overpriced vehicle which is far costlier than a new one.

  1. Be Reasonable

Just as we mentioned above, there is nothing wrong if you decide to pay a lower-than-average price for the vehicle. This doesn’t give you the privilege to bid in a ridiculous manner. However, it is wiser to start bidding from 30% of the average price. 

If you should price foolishly, the seller would think that you have no knowledge about vehicles or that you are trying to get the best deal at all cost. Otherwise, if you are not really good at bargaining and negotiating over an item, you can simply refuse to participate in the negotiation talks, before giving the seller the particular amount you are willing to pay for the vehicle.

If you are a novice in car buying, you can go with an expert to help you with the negotiations. Otherwise, the seller would use your ignorance to get the best deal.

  1. Consider The Resale Value of the Car If You Would Resell later On

Used cars have diverse resale value in Nigeria. You should also remember to consider their resale value of the car if you intend to resell the car after a particular period of use. This tip is crucial if you do not want your money to go down the drain after buying a used or tokunbo car in Nigeria.

Some used cars from Kia, Hyundai and other car brands might seem more affordable at the initial point, but they won’t retain much value when passed down to a third owner. Car makers such as Ford, Honda and Toyota are among the cars that retain their resale value in the Nigerian auto market.

In conclusion

You can also prepare yourself for a failed negotiation. The fact that the car is used means that the price of the car is negotiable. Do not be afraid to offer a lower amount or to walk away from the deal when it doesn’t favour you.

By using this buying guide, our expectation for you to have a solid understanding of what it takes to buy used cars in Nigeria and how to make a good decision when buying a used or tokunbo car in Nigeria.

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