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Buying A Used Or New Car?

Buying A Used Or New Car?

  • Introduction:

Buying a new or used car

Buying a new or used car is one of the most exciting experiences that gladdens the hearts of people; especially if the car is new. Most car buyers seek experts to advise on what are the components to check out for when buying a used or new car. Buying a car is an exciting prospect which every man wishes to do. However, due to depreciation, a lot of people decide to get used cars instead of new cars.

It is imperative for you to know what to look out for and what to check out for when buying a used or new car anywhere in the world. Most motorists and buyers know the places to check for obvious signs of damage before purchasing a used car.

For instance, the conditions of the tires will be checked, the vehicle will be examined for any signs of rust and the engine will be scrutinized for unusual engine noise. Also, motorists are free to check the service history of any used car to ensure that it has been regularly maintained before purchasing the car.

However, some car problems can be difficult to spot. More subtle things, like the state of the air conditioning and the spare tire, are often overlooked by car buyers who are not majorly concerned with the condition of the car but with the price at which the car is sold.

Buying a new or used carCar buyers should also remember that buying a car is a pure business transaction. The reason is that it is one of the last purchasing experiences which still require consumers to haggle. The more you keep your emotions out of it, the better the final result.

Having knowledge of the buying process and how to navigate a rough negotiation session is a good path to derive a smooth buying experience when getting a used or new car.

Just like any other negotiation, both sides (the buyer and the seller) would have to give and take; knowing where to be flexible and the point to be strict is essential as you bargain the price with any car dealer. It is important to equip yourself with these clues beforehand to help you in getting your dream car.

Before heading down to any dealership store or automobile sales center to purchase vehicles, car buyers are advised to explore the following list of options;

  1. Safety

The main reason why we placed ‘safety’ as the first position among the things to check out for in a new car is that regardless of the car strength and engine power if the car isn’t equipped with adequate safety features, it could end up in a disaster.

Do you know that your vehicle should ideally have “curtain” airbags along with the normal frontal airbags to protect your head if there is a sudden impact? These features are meant to drop down from the roof of the car to protect your head from whiplash.

Additionally, you could also ask for knee-protection. Some of the other safety features which you should check for before buying a new car include:

  • Anti-lock brakes

Anti-lock brakes come in handy when you want to stop your car suddenly, by preventing the car wheels from locking-up and to prevent the car from skidding.

  • Electronic stability control

This prevents the car from spinning out of control and moving sideways when you make a turn at high speed or when you suddenly need to swerve (which occurs mostly on Indian roads).

  • Safety alerts

There are various types of safety alerts available to use on your vehicle such as motion detectors which warn you when another vehicle or object is too close to your car. Also, it has cameras attached to the rearview mirror that alerts you with an alarm if you should get distracted.

  1. The Engine

The car engine is another thing to check for when buying a car, whether new or old. The car speed and fuel efficiency are determined by the car engine. There are 2 primary things which car buyers should look out for when checking the engine.

The first is the number of cylinders in the engine and the second is the overall displacement of the motor in liters. For instance, a small car with a 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine would be great for fuel efficiency but might not give you rapid acceleration.

On the other hand, if you should get a powerful engine like a 6.2 liter, eight-cylinder one, you can zoom past everyone else but end up having to spend much more for fuel, because the efficiency isn’t perfect. Ideally, you should pick an engine that is suited for your driving habit. If you are the type that is usually stuck in the city traffic gridlock, the rapid acceleration will do you no good.

  1. Depreciation

Do not purchase any car to satisfy your current needs but on your future needs. The car which you love will eventually depreciate over time. Sooner than later, most car buyers will look to upgrade their cars to get the latest models in the market or to get the hottest car brand in the market.

The current car becomes useless if it has no resale value. If the resale value of the current car isn’t up to scratch, you may not even come up with the money to make a purchase for the next one.

It is a fact that some car brands retain the resale value of their previous car despite producing new cars, while the cars of some other brands depreciate rapidly, thereby causing you to actually lose money at the point of selling them.

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  1. Inspect the Exterior

The first thing you do when checking a used or ‘tokunbo’ cat is to inspect the cars’ exterior. Ensure that the car is parked on level ground, this makes it relatively easier for you to access the vehicle during your inspection. However, your efforts may be in vain if you do not know the areas to inspect.

These are the following areas to check when inspecting the vehicle’s exterior:

Tires: All four tires should match with each other and should show signs of wear and tear.

Paint: Check for scratches, dents, and rust which could indicate past and future deterioration of the car.

Trunk: The trunk is usually used to know the real state of the car. It is a good indicator of a vehicle’s real treatment, even if the outside looks fine.

Front: Lookout for signs that fenders have been changed or replaced. This could indicate a vehicle that has long been in a wreck.

  1. Technological Advances

This is another factor to check for when buying a used or new car. Gone are the days when CD players and air-con were the height of automobile luxury, and comfort. Now even the most advanced models of car brand possess all varieties of technological gadgets and features.

Right now, USB and Bluetooth features have been used as a standard for newly made car models now. Ensure that some of these features can be obtained in the car you want to buy, whether new or old.

For example, the Bluetooth and USB features will enable you to stream music effortlessly from your personal devices such as your mobile phones & laptops and they will also allow you to answer calls safely and completely hands-free.

Some built-in features may be better than others, however, make sure that the model you’re interested in purchasing has a well-integrated system.

  1. Warranty

Before buying a new car, make sure you discuss it with your local car dealer about the car warranty. Years back, an added bonus was made for the purchase of new cars and these bonuses range within 2 to 5 years, but right now, it is not so common anymore.

  1. Talk to Your Insurance Agent Before You Buy

Make sure that you speak with an insurance agent before making a final decision on the purchase of a new vehicle. It pays to talk with an insurance agent before payment is made for the purchase of a car because it costs different amounts to insure different vehicles.

How will you feel what you discover that your new car costs more to insure than other vehicles after you have purchased the car?

Car key control
  1. Controls

Definitely, you will need to test the car before paying for it. Testing the car is the time to listen to how it sounds and to feel the way it runs. Be it automatic or standard, there shouldn’t be any bumps or jerks when shifting through the gears.

This could possibly mean transmission trouble which is another expensive repair. As you get to increase the speed of the car, pay attention to the vibrations in the steering wheel.

A funny noise could mean front-end mechanical parts that needed to be replaced. Find any good area safe enough to decelerate rapidly (but should not be enough to cause a skid). Strange noises or squeal could point to dangerous brake parts.

  1. Documents

Also, there are some documents which you should check upon inspection of the car. Some of the documents are;

– The national ID card, voters card, drivers license, international passport, etc (Needed to verify ownership)

– Other documents that should be checked include the allocation of the registration number, purchase receipt, number plate, insurance, and customs clearance, etc.

  1. Maintenance rate

Last but not least, you should consider the maintenance cost when buying a new or used car. It will be useless buying a car when the spare parts of those cars are scarce in the market. Some used cars are obsolete that the spare parts can’t be gotten easily.

Be sure to check for the availability of the spare parts and check the cost to know if you can afford it in case anything should go wrong.

  • Conclusion On What To Check When Buying A New Or Used Car

After finally making your choice and you eventually purchasing the vehicle. Make sure you carry out a comprehensive service on the car, irrespective of what the seller tells you.

Change all the lubricants using the specification of the manufacturer except otherwise advised by an expert with convincing proofs. Buying a vehicle that is appealing and attractive to the eyes but is full of hidden faults is an expensive mistake.


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