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Buying And Selling On Classified Websites In Nigeria

Buying And Selling On Classified Websites In Nigeria

Buying and selling on classified websites

More Nigerians are making use of the opportunity of buying and selling on classified websites in Nigeria nowadays to boost sales and make more profit in their business. Nigerian’s are embracing new ways of buying, selling goods and services instead of the obsolescent way of trading on physical locations.

The internet allows people to search for any product, goods or services online. Also, it enables merchants to sell their wares faster and better as they wield the power to set the prices of their products. In this post, we will look into buying goods and services on classified websites in Nigeria. This guide will educate you on what you need to know about buying and selling on classified websites in Nigeria, the importance of buying and selling on classified websites in Nigeria, advantages, disadvantages, safety measures and how to pay for any goods or services delivered by a classified website in Nigeria.

  • Definition Of Classified Websites

What are classified websites? Without mincing words, classified websites are websites that create a platform for people to post their goods and services to potential buyers or customers for free or at an affordable price.

A classified website is a free medium of advertising which makes it possible for anyone to create awareness about their products and services. It serves as a cheap way of advertising and it also bridges the gap between buyers and sellers.

  • History Of Classified Websites

The earliest known type of public awareness was in 2000 BC when Ancient Egyptians carved out public notices into steel. This was the earliest and oldest form of outdoor advertising in the world. Also, the Egyptians made use of papyrus to create wall posters and sales messages.
However, the oldest form of public notice which we know today as the classified advertisement was recorded in 1704 when the first newspaper advert was placed in the Boston Newsletter, which was on the lookout for a buyer to purchase an Oyster Bay, Long Island, Estate.

In 1763, large firms and businesses used to display advertisements to create awareness about their goods and services in the newspapers. At that time, it was commonly called “want” ads.

In 2003, the market for classified adverts in the United States was valued at $15.9 billion for newspapers, and about $14.1 billion for online classified websites. In 2003, the worldwide market for classified adverts was estimated at over $100 billion. There was a decline in the newspaper’s revenue from classifieds advertisements as classified ads grew on the internet. By 2007, classified advertising in some major newspapers dropped by 14% and classified websites recorded a 23% increase in traffic, advert, and revenue.

Example of a classified website in Nigeria

There are many sites for buying and selling on classified websites in Nigeria. One of the most popular ones is Through this website, anyone can sell, buy various goods and services on the web.


  • Importance Of Classified Websites In Nigeria

A classified website can be utilized by both buyers and sellers in various ways. Some of the importance of this medium of commerce are listed as follows;

  1. Classified sites are a cheap way of advertising, displaying goods and services. It serves as an alternative for Nigerians to promote their goods and services to advertising on newspapers, billboard ads, radio, and television.
  2. They provide free service when linking buyers and sellers. Through the aid of classified websites, advertisers, online marketers, freelancers can promote and advertise their work along with their services.
  3. Classified websites are gradually replacing the old model of sales in stores and shops.
  4. Classified websites serve as an ideal option for the purchase of new, fairly used and old items.
  5. Small business owners rely on classified websites in Nigeria as a tool for brand awareness and through this medium, they have been able to keep up the pace with big scale businesses and merchants.
  • Advantages Of Buying And Selling On Classified Websites In Nigeria

  1. Buying and selling on classified websites in Nigeria is one of the lowest ways to advertise on the internet. It allows small and medium businesses to effectively promote their products or services without having to dig deep in their pockets.
  2. Buying and selling on classified websites in Nigeria create meduim for buyers to have direct access to the advertiser. Classified websites in Nigeria have a way of linking buyers and sellers together as interested buyers can easily contact a merchant or seller by phone, email or otherwise.
  3. Buying and selling on classified websites in Nigeria are short, simple and straightforward. Sellers do not necessarily need to write a detailed description and specification of a product, rather, they attach a banner, a little write-up about the product, the price, and their contact details.
  4. Buyers can easily make a demand for a product that catches their fantasy without being forced to buy such a product.
  5. Any advertisement that doesn’t produce sales generate traffic to a product is considered as a wasteful advertising campaign. Advertisements on classified websites in Nigeria have a wide reach as they can be seen, viewed and read by every website visitor. For instance, if a small scale business operator in Nigeria should make an advert on a classified website with a daily estimation of 20,000 visitors, it means that such businessman has placed his business for 20,000 persons to view daily and an estimated figure of 600,000 persons monthly.
  6. Advertisements on classified websites in Nigeria expand business opportunities for Nigerians. Sellers get to meet new customers, develop a relationship with them and buyers can make a purchase for any item without hassle.


  • Disadvantages Of Buying And Selling On Classified Websites In Nigeria

  1. Advertisers might be advertising their goods and services to people who are not particularly interested in them. An advertiser can pay for an advert on a classified website with high traffic and such an advert will not convert if the adverts are not attractive to make people patronize the product or service being advertised.
  2. Advertisements on classified websites in Nigeria have a short life because they are read-only once. Because of this, advertisers will need to keep advertising or consistently updating their adverts.
  3. It creates room for unserious buyers to bargain at ridiculous price rates for the purchase of goods and services.
  4. Advertisers may clash with other merchants for customers and buyers. When two or more merchants promote a similar product, there’s every tendency that the buyer can get confused with whom to buy from.
  5. There’s a high competition among advertisers as your adverts can be close to the adverts of another seller and another advert might be placed next to yours.
  6. Since a certain classified website in Nigeria is not visited by all buyers so sellers may need to advertise on multiple sites to get target customers. If a buyer is not satisfied with the product and offers on a particular classified website, such a buyer may visit numerous sites while searching for a product or service that fits into his or her needs.
  7. Buyers could get scammed by sellers who try to look genuine and vice versa. The anonymity of buyers and sellers on certain classified websites in Nigeria has given room for fraudulent activities to thrive in Nigeria. In most cases, the buyers receive fake products or products which are different from what a seller advertised on the classified website in Nigeria.
  • Security Measures When Buying From Classified Websites

Security measures on classified website
  1. Do not transact with a buyer or seller in lonely areas. Many deals, transactions done on classified websites end up in a face-to-face catch-up between the seller and the buyer. In this case, you never can tell what would happen next; be more cautious about your safety. You are advised not to transact with any dealer or buyer at night.
  2. A nice spot for such an appointment could be in a public place like an eatery, a mall, a park, etc but not in a private place like a house or anywhere that might look creepy and suspicious.
  3. You can have someone to accompany you while dealing with a seller or a buyer. If you are a beginner or you happen to be a first-timer who has not done any business on classified websites, it’s better for you to go with a close associate especially when you know that you would be dealing with strange and unknown persons.
  4. You can make use of verified and confirmed escrow service only offered by the classified website team, if such service is been provided and be extra vigilant of fake or suspicious escrow options offered by fraudulent sellers or buyers on classified websites.
  5. Do not be in a haste to conclude dealing and transactions.


  • Inspection Measures When Buying From Classified Websites

  1. It is imperative for people to take inspections and have some observations while buying and selling on classified websites.
  2. Do not pay money to any seller until you have checked the goods and confirmed that it is in good condition.
  3. Buyers are advised to be vigilant and observant of the products in case it happens to be stolen.
  4. Sellers should endeavor to check the money received from buyers before delivering the product. Most sellers have been tricked by buyers with fake money or counterfeit currency.
  5. Sellers should always issue a receipt to buyers for additional assurance or change of ownership and buyers should ensure that the receipt information corresponds to valid personal details of the seller. For additional safety, buyers should request to see the means of identification or ownership (National I.D card, driver’s license, etc) and check if it corresponds with the details in the receipt.
  • Mode Of Payments When Buying And Selling On Classified Websites

There are various ways in which buyers can pay for goods and services on classified websites. Some of them are;

– Bank Deposit

– Bank Transfer.

– Cash (Recommended).

E-wallet such as PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, etc

Cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, etc

However, you must be conscious of payments made through the internet  or any shady means of payment. Fraudsters are known for demanding such a medium of payment from their victims

  • Conclusion: Buying And Selling On Classified Websites

Buying and selling on classified websites in Nigeria serve a great purpose of creating brand or product awareness for merchants and small businesses. Classified websites connect potential buyers, helping them to make sales from their products and services.

As a business person, you can look out for buying and selling classified niche websites in Nigeria to increase the chances of getting valuable, used, new, products and services sold or been bought at an affordable price.

(For more information and education on avoiding scam on classified websites, read HOW TO AVOID SCAM WHEN SELLING AND BUYING ON CLASSIFIED WEBSITES)


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