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Complete Guidance On Dropshipping Business In Nigeria

Complete Guidance On Dropshipping Business In Nigeria

If you are interested in starting a dropshipping business in Nigeria, you will need a well detailed dropshipping business guidance for Nigerians and tips before you start in other to avoid unnecessary headaches.

If you are probably hearing about drop shipping for the first time, you can bookmark this page ”Complete Guidance On Dropshipping Business in Nigeria” as it will keep you informed on how you can a dropshipping business for yourself away from home.

Starting a dropshipping business in Nigeria may eventually become one of the best decisions you ever took in your life as an entrepreneur, especially if you are enthusiastic about buying and selling.

The whole idea of starting a dropshipping business is quite new but it is quickly becoming a popular business model in Nigeria due to the dire need to solve e-Commerce business problems that are emerging each day.

Some of the common questions asked by dropshipping enthusiasts are;

1. How can I start dropshipping business in Nigeria?
2. Which platforms should I go with?
3. Do I pay customs duties and tax on all my products when I drop ship them in Nigeria?
4. Can I drop ship internationally from Nigeria?
5 What type of products can I dropship?
6. What are the best ways to accept payments from Nigeria?
7. How much do I need to start dropshipping business in Nigeria?

These are some of the questions which are asked by novices in the dropshipping business and I will take my time to give an answer to all these questions.

The drop shipping business is one of the coolest online businesses to do. You can run this business from home or adopt it as a side hustle to serves as an additional source of income. You don’t need many resources and finances to start this business because there is no need to buy your products or have an inventory to store your products.

Dropshipping is an online business idea that is relatively easy to do. It is very possible to start this business without experience and still rake in thousands of naira. You don’t need to spend your money to purchase products or get a warehouse/parking store to keep your products.

A drop-shipper can start this business model on a small scale by creating a simple website and use free methods of promoting to market the products until you get your first profits.
Since it is an online business, you can manage your drop ship store from anywhere in the world.

Starting a dropshipping business in Nigeria gives you the liberty to operate from wherever you choose to operate as long as you still have internet access. It doesn’t create geographical and territorial boundaries for you.

In this article, I will be dropping guidance tips on how to start a successful dropshipping business Nigeria, how to start and the ways to succeed in this business.

What Is DropShipping?

In a simple tense, drop shipping refers to a business model that allows you to sell commodities without owning or having the good.

Dropshipping positions you as a middleman between the buyer and the supplier without having records of the actual stock of the products as buyers request for products from your store.

  • How To Start A Dropshipping Business In Nigeria?

Dropshipping business in Nigeria can be operated when you create a digital store or an eCommerce website platform where you upload different products (including the price, photos and description of the product). You do not necessarily need to have these products at your disposal or purchase them or store them in a warehouse.

Your job is to get the details of the product (photos, specification, description, price) and upload them to your online store.
After you must have uploaded the product data on your website; you’ll receive orders from buyers who are placing orders for your products.

If a customer makes a payment and orders any of the products on your website, you will go directly to the supplier of the product and place the same order just as the customer on your website did.

When making an order for the product, remember to use the details of your customer so that the product will be shipped and sent to the customer for pickup.

  • How Dropshipping Business Work?

How dropshipping works
Image by:

Just as shown in the infographic above, you don’t need to have or see the product which you are selling physically. Make a research on the type of products you intend selling on your store; it could be bags, wristwatches, shoes, headsets, etc. Get the photos and details of that product and upload it to your website.

A customer who wants your products places an order for it and buys it. After receiving the money from the buyer, contact the owner of the supplier of the product, send the address of your customer and pay the supplier from the initial money which was paid to you by your customer.

  • How can I Make Money and Maximize Profit from Dropshipping?

You can make money from dropshipping business in Nigeria based on your input and the efforts you make in the business. For instance, if you are selling shoes on your website, you can get the photos, descriptions of Nike snickers which are sold for $20 and set the price at $70 on your website.

$70 – $20 = $50 this means made a huge profit from the sale of the product and you pocketed $50 from a product you did not touch or deliver yourself. Interesting isn’t it?

When a customer places an order to buy that product, you go straight to the supplier of the product and place an order for the purchase but you use the customer’s details and ask the supplier to deliver the product to the address of your customer.

Now that you made a gain of $50 from the sale of a product, what would it look like if 50 other people make an order and successfully purchased the product on your online store? The total sum of the calculation leaves you with a gain of $2500.

  • What are the benefits of Dropshipping Business For Nigerians?

1. Dropshipping business in Nigeria is suitable for people who are new to online business. Beginners and newbies can run this business at their convenience without the technical knowledge and expertise in running an online store.

2. Dropshipping business in Nigeria is flexible to operate. You can do this business and focus on other activities. If you are a stay-at-home mom, you can run this business along with other activities. As an employee, you can successfully manage this business together with your 9-5 job.

3. A dropshipping business in Nigeria is simple to operate. Setting up a dropshipping store is not time-consuming and it doesn’t need much finance to set up.

4. The business doesn’t demand you to make much effort to make sales. You will not sweat much because the supplier does the majority of the work.

5. Dropshipping business in Nigeria saves you huge sums of money. You do not need capital to buy goods and resell. It’s a smart and legitimate business to set up on the internet.

  • Where & How to Find a Supplier For Dropshipping?

For the basis of this tutorial, we would be using and we recommend you to use the Aliexpress platform to find the right suppliers for your dropshipping business in Nigeria

The whole process is as easy and fast as 123. When you visit the Aliexpress website, you navigate through the list of the products on the website and start by uploading any of those products on your online store.

You should start by looking out for a cheap product which you can actually make a profit from but ensure that you check the reviews on the supplier products and see the rating.  We advise that the product must that have up to 300+ orders and it should have a 4+ rating or higher


In order to make thing easier for you, we will recommend you to try out a WordPress plugin which you can use to import any product of your choice from the Aliexpress website in a single click.

We have done all the work for you. All you need to do is to change the price of the product and edit the name and description to your taste is you wish.

  • Best Way To Start Your Dropshipping Business in Nigeria 

These are steps you must take in starting a dropshipping business in Nigeria or any other country.

  1. Create Your Online Store

An online store is needed to start the dropshipping business in Nigeria. The online store is where you get to upload and post the images of your products. Your store is where you get orders from customers and this is the major step to starting a profitable dropshipping business in Nigeria.

There are some platforms which are used in making a dropshipping store but the two popular platforms are;

1. AliDropShip Plugin.

2. WooCommerce

3. Shopify


1. AliDropShip Plugin (AliExpress)

AlidropShip Plugin is designed for WordPress sites and eCommerce platforms. This plugin works through the aid of a chrome extension.

AliDropShip Plugin makes it easy to start a dropshipping business in Nigeria through the importation of various products from Ali express website to your online store without you buying or paying for any goods.

alidroship price list

This plugin comes at a one-time fee of just $89; meaning that you won’t pay yearly fees for renewals or pay maintenance fees so it is yours forever. In addition, you can order for the Custom

Alidropship Store and have the whole work done for you. They will design everything needed for your store and these include the payment gateway for accepting payments, website design, support, etc.

Buy Alidropship pluging
Click and get Alidropship @cheap price

The price for the custom turnkey dropship store starts from $299. Get it here to place your order for your custom dropship store.

Buy Alidropship plugin
Click and get Alidropship @cheap price

You can go for the custom dropship option if you have no knowledge of how to design a website but you are financially for it.

2. WooCommerce

WooCommerce plugin

WooCommerce is a free tool and an open-sourced platform that offers an easily customizable eCommerce WordPress plugin that allows drop shippers to list products or services on the wordpress website.

WooCommerce is flexible to operate and also the most popular eCommerce platform on the web thereby making it a good recommendation for the dropshipping business in Nigeria.

Importation of products are done manually or you can apply the alternative software for importation which is called AliDropship WOO for WooCommerce which means you do not have to pay for any software provided you have the time to get all done yourself. All you need to do is source for a supplier of the product when your potential buyer has ordered for the listed item on your ecommerce store.

WooCommerce is partnered with Bluehost which is an highly reputable website hosting company thereby offering WooCommerce platform owners discount on hosting plan subscriptions. If you are operating your dropshipping business on WooCommerce plugin on Bluehost hosting you will have much higher discount than when compared to running other dropshipping plugin on Bluehost.

WooCommerce is one of the best dropshipping plugin for dropshipping business in Nigeria if you wish to manually operate your dropshipping business and also serves as an alternative for low budget drop shippers. Although it requires some technical know-how but this can be solved after 4 to 5 days of experimenting on their platform.


3. Shopify

Shopify home page

Shopify is an e-commerce platform that enables you to trade and sell your products online. Shopify is one of the great platforms for starting a dropshipping business in Nigeria.

A lot of businessmen and merchants use Shopify to create online stores for their businesses. Shopify provides dropshippers, merchants and online retailers with a variety of services when it comes to selling their services, goods, and products online.

Everything that you need to get started as a dropshipper has been provided by Shopify including marketing and promotion of your products, shipping and customer engagement tools, payment methods/options and other tools that have been provided by Shopify.

shopify subscription page

Without a doubt, the Shopify eCommerce platform simplified this business for drop shippers and it has eased the process of running an online store for small and medium merchants.

Shopify makes sure of your hosting requirements if you chose to create your online store on their platform. They will charge you $30 monthly for hosting fees.


You will also need to get the Oberlo app for your store; this application allows you to import products easily from the Aliexpress store down to your online store. flowchart of Oberlo

Also, Oberlo charges  $30 monthly fee for importing varieties of products to your store.

However, they have different packages for this service. They have a Free Plan, a Basic plan and a Pro plan.

Shopify for dropshipping
Click and get Shopify @cheap price

The Starter Plan limits you with just 500 orders in a month. There is the Starter Plan $4.90/month, Basic Plan $29.90/month and the Pro plan $79.90/month.

They provide you with additional features and advanced functionalities.  See the illustration below and know the pricing for the Oberlo app.

Shopify price list


General Requirements For Alidropship & Shopify Business In Nigeria

  • You will need an online payment processing merchant service for dropshipping business in Nigeria if you choose to develop your store personally such as Paystack. Although there are various online payments processing merchant services, Paystack works better and easy to set up for Nigerian online business
  • Domain Registration: Is the process of registering a domain name or a website URL example (
  • Website Hosting Service: A type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web example: Hostinger, Bluehost, Hostgator

SSL Certificate Service Provider: This is used to secure credit card transactions, data transfer, and logins. This is essential for the security of a website especially websites which involve financial transactions.


Bluehost for Alidrop & shopify
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  • Conclusion On Dropshipping Business In Nigeria

We know that you are probably puzzled about the best three options available for ”Dropshipping Business In Nigerian”.

Should I go for  AliDropShip Plugin, WooCommerce or Shopify?

Answer: Both platforms are great for dropshipping business in Nigeria, this is why we would not make help for  which of the two to choose from. However, We used Alidropship so we would recommend you to go for  AliDropShip Plugin for WordPress and get your hosting on


Hostinger for alidrop & shopify
Click & get Hostinger @cheap price

If you’re working on a tight budget choose Hostinger, this company can provide you (free domain registration & SSL certificate for as low as $0.80/month) if you host your website on their server.

On the other hand, WooCommerce is free with great discount with Bluehost while Shopify provides you with web hosting, products, and other tools that you will need in this business venture. As a starter, I strongly recommend you to go for Alidropship Plugin.

 Thanks for reading and do not forget to post unlimited free ads on to reach more potential buyers… to POST HERE

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