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House Rent Guide in Nigeria

House Rent Guide in Nigeria

If you have plans to relocate into a new house, you are definitely going to need a house rent guide. Renting a house isn’t the same as buying a house.

When you want to move into a new apartment, there are steps which must be strictly followed to avoid making a mistake. This post tends to guide you on what you need to know before renting a house in Nigeria or any part of the world.

There are many properties, apartments and houses open for rent. However, it is important to know that you shouldn’t move into any houses available for rent. Rather, our house rent guide wants you to look out for the best house that suits you and your standards.

1. Type Of Property

Our house rent guide advises you to know the type of property you intend to move into. Before you release the money to rent any house, you should have known the type of property that will suit your lifestyle. 

House Rent Guide

Are you looking for a spacious house to rent? Or a house large enough to fit the size of your family? 

You can consider asking yourself some couple of questions if you are yet to know the type of property you want. Firstly, do you intend to live alone or with the rest of your family? Do you want a simple house or a well-furnished home?

At the end of your assessment, you must have evaluated yourself and know the type of property you intend to move into. 

2. Area of the House

The location of the house is one of the most important factors to consider when renting an apartment. As a matter of fact, most people evacuate their previous houses for the current one all because of the house rent rate. 

Where do you intend to live in? Which location do you prefer to move to? Notably, you should know that choosing an apartment is an important decision to make in your life. 

This is because your apartment coupled with the location affects your life and lifestyle.

When checking the location of the house, check for other things such as the development of the location.

Is it a developed area or an area located at the outskirts of the city? Is there good network coverage and service? Does the location meet up with your standards and requirements? These are important questions you need to answer before moving into any rented apartment.

If you have kids, check the proximity to the children’s school. It is also vital for you to know if the area is close to your office or place of work.

Do not intend to rent a house out of pressure, you may be dissatisfied and probably regret the decision in the long run.

3. Transportation

The importance of transportation cannot be overstated or overemphasized in this house rent guide. Regardless of the type of house you intend to move into, you are doomed if the transportation network is poor.

This is not to make you scared but to awaken you to certain factors which are not taken seriously by people. 

Ignorantly, people fall victim by wrong decisions especially when it concerns renting a home. 

Check for the transportation rates and bus fares charged by shuttles and commuters in that area. This should also form part of your budget.

Your budget should not only contain the money for house decoration, maintenance, rent rate but also include transportation rates. 

If your business is strong enough for you to meet up with the transport rates, you can consider moving into the house.

However, if you can’t meet up with the transport rates, consider another location with a transport system that suits you.

You may not be able to renew the rent if much of your monthly spends is going into transportation.

4. Price of the Rent

Also, this house rent guide stresses the need to know the cost of the house rent. There are lots of things that can affect the price of houses. One of them is the location where the house is located. If a house is located in a highbrow area, the cost of the house rent tends to be high.

Also, the rent of a house can be expensive if it is located in a place with quality amenities like water supply, etc.

After you must have known the price for the house, the next step is to have a budget.

5. Budget

Wise people get a budget for themselves before making any financial decision. This house rent guide stresses the need for you to have a budget when moving into a new house. 

After you must have known the price for the house, check to see if the price range fits into your budget. If it does, check to see if you can afford to pay the rent conveniently.

A good budget plan puts you in the best position in the deal. It helps you to make the right decisions and reject the offers that don’t fit you and your pocket.

If the price of the house fits well with your budget, you can consider moving into the house. However, if it doesn’t, you can reject the house to check out other houses with favorable price rates.

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6. Basic Amenities

Virtually everyone who evacuates a house is doing so to get a better property than the former. 

The basic amenities of life is one of the reasons why people are motivated to relocate and get a new house. 

House with swimming pool

As you intend to live in a new house, check for the amenities which the house has to offer you.

Try to find out if the house has a steady source of water like a borehole or tap water. You may spend to get water if there is no portable water around the house or its environs. 

Also, check to see if the house is situated close to a market where you can go shop for groceries and other things.

Lookout for hospitals, clinics or medical facilities where you can get treatment in case of emergency. 

7. Security

Your security is vital and should not be taken for granted in this house rent guide. You must ensure to find out how secure the house is and the area where the property is located.

You can do this by scrutinizing the house to see if it meets your standards. Check the gate of the house, doors, windows and roof. Are the doors secure or vulnerable? 

Are they security personnel around to keep an eye on your house while you are away? Check to see if the fences and walls of the house are strong to prevent burglars.

Furthermore, you should check to see how secure the area is? Is the area a hideout for thieves, bandits, robbers and kidnappers?

8. Tenancy Agreement

When renting a house, a concrete agreement should be made since you are a tenant and a temporary owner of the property. 

Ensure that you read the document carefully before signing or agreeing to the terms and conditions of the document.

You can get help by asking questions about certain clauses that you may not understand. Do not make the mistake of skipping any line simply because you feel that it isn’t important.

Moreover, we recommend you to get a legal practitioner if you can. The lawyer must be knowledgeable especially when it concerns real estate issues.

There are some clauses in the agreement that could incarcerate you during your period of the tenancy. 

Some agreements stipulate when visitors are allowed into the premises or if you should breed animals and have pets or not. 

This is why it is important for you to go through the tenancy agreement with caution. Do not be in a haste to put pen to paper to sign or conform to the terms of the document.

9. Meet With The Landlord

It is uncommon to meet with landlords especially when renting a house. On the other hand, it is common to see people transacting with agents and property agencies over the price for house rent. 

Even after you must have met with agents, ensure that you meet with the original and legitimate owner of the property. 

Our house rent guide advises you to see the landlord when renting a house to avoid falling victims to fake agents.

Transacting with the real owner of the house puts you at a good position than seeing an agent. 

An agent may only be interested in wooing you and getting his commissions. However, when you meet the landlord, you’ve got a great chance to ask questions and squeeze lots of information from him. 

Questioning the landlord can save you stress before you move in. You can get to ask how you decorate the house, park your car or entertain your guests.

10. Inspect the property

Lastly, this house rent guide wants you to inspect the interior of the house before moving in. Check to see if there are holes in the walls, check for broken tiles and the state of the toilet facility.

Also, find out if the ceiling is leaking or if the roof is in good condition.


A lot of people cannot rent a house on their own without assistance from people. However, we hope that our house rent guide has been helpful to give you the best tips around.

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