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Phone Buying Guide in Nigeria

Phone Buying Guide in Nigeria

The minds of people are always filled with fear and doubt when they set out to buy a smartphone. Our phone buying guide in Nigeria was made for those who are looking for phone buying tips.

In this dispensation, mobile phones have gone beyond the age of communication. 

It forms the foundation of our digital lives as it creates ways for people to browse, disseminate information, pay bills, set reminders.

A lot of smartphones has been introduced, each having a special set of features that differentiates it from another. With different models of smartphones on the market, anyone can find it hard to pick a phone that suits his needs.

Many buyers develop selection headaches and are left confused when they set out to purchase a mobile phone. If you are considering buying a new phone, ensure that you read this phone buying guide to the very end.

You can do yourself a favour by starting with a phone buying guide instead of spending hours surfing the net for features and prices of mobile phones.

This phone buying guide in Nigeria contains everything you’ll need to know before buying a smartphone. 

We covered a few points which you need including the display, screen size, battery, camera, operating system, processor and price.

Anyone can use this phone buying guide in Nigeria to get the best mobile phone that matches your needs, requirements and budget.

Operating System

One of the key factors to note when buying a phone is to check for the OS version and the user interface. The operating system of a phone should be easy and simple to use.

Globally, the two popular mobile OS platforms are iOS and Android. Both platforms are doing great and are chosen by a large section of phone users for certain reasons.

iOS: iOS is one of the top-rated mobile platforms in the world. It was developed by Apple and it is only available on iPhones and iPads, which happens to be Apple’s products.

iOs provides a variety of services, apps and features for iPhone and iPad users. However, not all apps can be gotten for free, some are premium and are attached with a price tag.

Android: Android is another great mobile platform which is changing the dimension of the smartphone world. Android is quite available on mobile phones.

Android features a great integration of Google services and apps and their sharing options are not limited as the iOS. 

Phone Buying Guide in Nigeria
A Samsung Android phone

Many phone users prefer Android because most of their services are free and the Google Play Store allows them to get mobile apps for free.

Although the Android is a cheaper option to use, iOS is quite easier to use. Many phone users are faced with the herculean task of choosing between iOS and Android.

If your need is to get a phone at a budget-friendly rate, the Android is recommended for you.

On the other hand, you can get iOS if you need a phone that guarantees timely software updates and cool apps.

Have A Budget 

Before you storm the market in search of a phone, ensure that you get a budget. As far as trading in concerned, the benefits of using a budget cannot be overemphasized.

The budget enables you to determine your price range and allows you to get a phone within the range of your budget.

Our phone buying guide in Nigeria emphasizes the need for buyers to set a budget before purchasing a cellphone.

Typically, phones on iOS platforms (iPhones) are more expensive compared to their Android counterparts. 

There are varieties of smartphones in the market, each having different price tags and specifications.

You can get decent smartphones that have the same features offered on the expensive ones. 

However, it all lies on your budget and your purchasing power to decide on what to buy.


Many people consider buying phones with amazing qualities without paying attention to the storage space of the phone. 

Perhaps, the storage should be the most important factor to check when buying a phone.

Furthermore, a regular internet user who downloads movies, music, pictures, files and apps should place emphasis on the storage of the phone.

Some phones are made with little storage and this may not be enough to accommodate apps and files with large sizes. 

Due to this reason, Android phones allows you to get a micro SD card to increase your storage options.

Moreover, some newly introduced phones allow you to use cloud storage such as Google Drive or Apple Photos to save your files. 

However, there is nothing better than having your files on your phone.

This phone buying guide in Nigeria recommends you to get a phone that comes with a storage space of 64GB. The least you can get is 32GB; which is quite decent for light internet users.

Battery Life

Virtually everyone would want a mobile phone that would last the whole day on a single charge. If you are interested in buying a phone soon, remember to check for the battery capacity.

The major complaints made by phone users has centred on battery life. Our phone buying guide in Nigeria recommends that you consider buying a smartphone which offers an awesome battery life due to the electricity situation in the country.

Not all phone batteries are built to be the same. Even if the phone has the same design and battery capacity, the battery life may be different.

For instance, the battery life of a mobile phone with 3000mAh may last longer than a phone with a battery life of 4500mAh. 

This is because the phone with small battery capacity may come with a less-intense processor and lower-resolution display. While the phone with large battery capacity may equally have plenty of apps, power-demanding processor and a high-resolution display.

Other things that drain battery life are camera usage, phone calls, internet connection, games etc,

Also, this phone buying guide recommends you to get a smartphone with at least 2,500mAh battery capacity. The higher the “mAh”, the larger the capacity of the battery.

The Processor

Another helpful tip to note in this phone buying guide in Nigeria is the phone processor. The processor dictates the effectiveness, efficiency and overall performance of the phone.

A good processor should be able to give you a smooth experience as you open apps and edit photos and videos quickly without hitches.

Currently, the fastest mobile chip is Apple’s A11 Bionic processor

The Apple’s A11 Bionic processor is present in the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. This processor is able to edit a 4K video in 50 seconds.

For Android devices, the fastest chip is the Snapdragon 835 processor, and it is closely followed by the Snapdragon 600.

The Snapdragon 835 processor gives you all that you need in a mobile phone. 

The processor allows you to get the perfect gaming experience and it allows you to experience great Virtual Reality (VR).  

Also, it guarantees you of longer battery life and better efficiency.

Online Phone Website or Retail stores

Should you buy your phone online or in a retail store? Even with the advancement of technology, many people do not purchase items on online platforms and websites. On the other hand, some people prefer purchasing online because it saves them stress and time.

You may be contemplating buying a phone online or in a retail store in your city. 

Phone dealers on retail stores may sell to you at a higher price, even when the phone manufacturer has dropped the price tag for that item.

But online stores offer giveaways and occasionally, they offer discounts and mouth-watering gifts when you purchase from their website.

Regardless of the one you opt for, always insist on getting an original smartphone that comes with the manufacturer’s warranty. 

The manufacturer’s warranty is like an insurance package which keeps you protected in case the product gets damaged when used.

You should never bank on the seller’s warranty. Most sellers give guarantees and make promises, they may shun you if make a complaint that the phone is faulty.

Ensure that you get the authorized warranty cover from the manufacturer or company. 

Also, you can make a comparison of the prices on retail stores and online websites to help you make a decision.

Service Centers

Purchasing a new and unused phone is not a guarantee that such a phone would be durable.

Phones depreciate as they are used and some even develop faults even when it is turned on for the first time.

Ensure to check if the phone has a reliable customer care support team to call upon when something goes wrong. 

Phone Buying guide in Nigeria
Used phones

Also, check to see if the phone manufacturers have service centres around your city.

Phone manufacturers like Tecno, Itel, Infinix remains a favourite among Nigerians because they have service centres in Nigeria.

Screen size

Choose the right screen size that suits you. Phones come in various sizes, big and small. However, phones with bigger screens aren’t made everyone.

Smaller screen phones are really portable and may fit in well in your pocket. 

Larger screen phones are preferable for thespian and those who enjoy watching movies on Youtube and Netflix.


The camera quality also matters when buying a phone. Ensure that you test the camera yourself. If possible, demo the camera and take a picture of yourself.

Usually, the camera quality of budget phones aren’t really great but you can consider spending on a budget-friendly phone if the camera isn’t important to you.

Also pay attention to the image quality, speed and features. Some new phone comes with cool features like dual lenses, face focus, blurred background, dual flashlight and optical image stabilization.

Conclusion on Phone Buying Guide in Nigeria

Finally, getting yourself a new phone is a great idea but there should be a reason why you want a phone. It could be 5G connectivity, wireless charging, battery life, display etc. After reading this phone buying guide in Nigeria, you should choose what’s important to you.

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