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TV Buying Guide in Nigeria

TV Buying Guide in Nigeria

Certainly, the market is flooded with TVs of different nature – LED, OLED, 4K, HDR, Smart TV and many more. A TV buying guide is the best weapon to have when heading to the market in the purchase of a new TV.

Over the years, a lot has changed in the TV industry. We can testify of the new model TVs that boasts of top-notch features such as the screen size, number of inputs and sound quality.

The best TVs come with mouth-watering specifications like built-in Google Assistant, high-quality audio and built-in Amazon Alexa.

TV Buying Guide


Nevertheless, a manufacturer can claim to have the best TV and after purchase, you discover that the device is just a piece of trash.

We have heard stories of buyers who spend a fortune to get a TV set, still, they do not enjoy what they paid for.

Don’t be tricked to buy a TV. Even if you should buy a TV at a super expensive price, it is very important for you to make your market research with this TV buying guide.

Why Do You Need A TV Buying Guide?

  • To help you make a good survey and analysis of the TV industry.
  • To keep you on the safe side when purchasing a TV set.
  • To get the right TV that suits your needs, lifestyle and budget.
  • To prevent you from being scammed.
  • To help you narrow your options and get the perfect TV for you.
  • Help you buy a TV at the right price.
  • To avoid spending more on a low-quality TV set.

TV Buying Guide: Best Tips To Consider When Buying A TV

Screen Size

One of the things you must know when buying a TV is to check for the screen size. In the TV market, much emphasis is placed on the screen size of a television set.

Most times, most sellers fixed their prices based on the screen sizes as the distinction in the screen sizes are evident.

A lot of buyers focus more on TVs with bigger screens, with many opting for 32-inch, 40-inch, 55-inch, 88-inch and even UltraHD resolution.

Definitely, it will be tempting to get a gigantic-sized TV. Many people have the notion that the bigger the size, the better the TV set.

This is a fallacy which has misled people into purchasing the wrong TV set.

Getting a TV with a big size sounds cool – it provides you with a superb image performance and you get a broad view of whatever you are watching.

However, much concern is to be placed on your vision. If you sit at a close distance from your TV set, you may encounter eye problems in the long run.

Hence, you’ll need to optimize the brightness and performance of your TV to what your eyes can consume.

How do you choose the right TV size? If this is your question, look no further because you will find your answer in this TV buying guide.

Think about the purpose of the TV. Are you purchasing it for yourself, office use or for the family? The answer to this question determines your TV size.

Equally important, you should calculate the dimensions of your living room along with the TV resolution.

If you have a family, it’ll do you good to take them along with you to the store. Hopefully, you can select a decent-sized TV.

It will be disastrous to get a small-sized TV – especially if you have a large family. A large screen TV between 55 and 65 inches is best suited for large families.

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A lot of people, even sellers will tell you that connections don’t matter in TVs.

On the contrary, this TV buying guide doesn’t belong to that school of thought.

Whether you are a gamer, editor or photographer, you may not enjoy the functions of your TV if it isn’t generous in input connections.

A lot of manufacturers try to reduce the costs of their TVs but offering fewer HDMI ports. Due to this reason, we urge you to carefully pay attention to the number of HDMI plugs on the back of the TV set.

Our TV buying guide recommends that you get a TV with at least four HDMI connections.

Although this may look complex and you may consider it a bit excessive for your home, however, its worth it.

By the time you add a game console, soundbar, a media streamer and a Blu-ray player, you’ve exhausted four ports already.

Virtually all 4K TVs are built to have at least one HDMI input that is 2.0. Are you unimpressed with your TV’s sound and you intend to complement it with a sound-base or soundbar?

Well, if you already have one, you will need to plug the soundbar to the TV’s HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel) port. This sends the audio signal from your TV to the soundbar.

Likewise, you should ensure that your TV has analogue outputs or optical digital for the connection.

Screen Resolution: 4K, 8K or HD?

Resolutions refer to the number of pixels in which an image or picture is displayed. Typically, more pixels ensures that you are subjected to receive better image quality, finer details and sharper display.

Globally, the 1920 x 1080 resolution i.e ‘Full HD’ is accepted and recognized as a good screen resolution. Again, it is the commonest TV resolution traded in the global TV market.

In the same way, modern manufacturers are now quickly shifting their attention to the production of Ultra HD sets, a.k.a 4K TVs.

Besides, these 4K TVs have a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels, which is roughly 4x the size of the HD TVs.

There are several reasons why people choose 4K models over their HD counterparts.

However, some people still prefer Full HD TVs over others. The major advantage of the 4K models is that it gives details to small objects and make them appear broad on the screen.

Again, it gives pictures a rich look and makes appear brighter on display.

Next, 8K TVs are fairly new to the TV industry.

We have seen models like Samsung’s Q900 8K TV, Sony KD-85ZG9 and the LG’s 88-inch Z9 OLED being newly introduced to the market.

Consequently, these models are four times the resolution of 4K TVs. They offer a wider advantage – in terms of picture quality.

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