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The Ultimate Cloth Buying Guide For Nigerians

The Ultimate Cloth Buying Guide For Nigerians

In this ultimate cloth buying guide for Nigerians, you are assured of getting the best tips to shop for clothes on physical and online stores in Nigeria or abroad. If you study in a school or you work in an office, you’ll need a wardrobe of clothing that fits you well. Apart from concealing your private areas, clothing makes you look good and keeps you comfortable at all times.

Clothing falls into a few basic categories, including formalwear, business wear, casual, athletic and outerwear. This ultimate cloth buying guide for Nigerians is designed to help Nigerians and anyone find the most suitable clothing of all styles for their wardrobe.

1. Selecting The Suitable Clothes 

One thing that you should understand when shopping for clothes is that there are different types of clothes. You can wear gym clothes to work but ethically, it’s wrong to wear gym clothes in an office. In the same vein, you can wear a suit to the bank but you can’t wear bikinis or beach clothes in the bank. 

Furthermore, you may need to know why you are picking a cloth to wear. Is it for everyday use or for an event or occasion? Some of the clothing wear you should know include

  • Formalwear 

If you are looking for the ultimate cloth buying guide for Nigerians  in other to grace any classic event, to look great and presentable as a man, your wardrobe should be stocked with tuxedos, gabardine, fine suits, french sleeve formal shirts, vests, bow ties, cummerbunds etc.

For ladies, a very long dress or gown would do the trick.

  • Business Wear 

If you work in an office that requires flashy professional attire, you’ll need a lot of men’s shirts, binds and jeans to look amazing but still look professional in your 5 working days per week.

The Ultimate Cloth Buying Guide For Nigerians

In a formal office, you’ll need a few men’s suits, chinos trousers, white shirts, some polo, and other men coats. For ladies reading this ultimate cloth buying guide for Nigerians, we recommend a short fitted gown that touches the knee.

  • Casual Clothing 

When you are done with, you’ll need comfortable attire that you can unwind in.

A polo T-shirt and 3quater jeans are suitable enough for relaxing at home yet at the same time look incredible for a supper out with your family and companions.

And a lady would look awesome in a V neck shirt and jean trousers or leggings.

  • Athletic Clothing 

To work out serenely or even play an easygoing football match-up with your family, you’ll need to have suitable athletic wear.

Running shoes, jersey shirts, swimwear, are suitable for sportsmen and women who are in need of clothes for athletic activities.

  • Outdoor wear 

Warm-up when the temperatures drop, the most popular wears become jackets, sweaters, and long sleeve shirts and on hot weathers, the most common attire becomes short sleeve shirts and singlets.

When you’ve decided on the particular reason or event, why you will be wearing any of the listed clothes, then you can proceed to your preferred market or online store to get yours.

2. Know Your Size 

Knowing your size is an important factor and strategy to be considered in this ultimate cloth buying guide for Nigerians whenever you plan or shopping for clothes.

At this point, we’ve realized that the sizes of certain clothes are based on the brand and even the Production batch that the clothes were made in.

There are also different types of clothes available for you from L, X, XL, XXL.

All have been labelled to help you find the right size when shopping both in your local shops and online store.

You can also meet your local tailor to take your measurement with a measuring tape, so you know your precise size.

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3. Check Customer Reviews

In this ultimate cloth buying guide for Nigerians, we strongly recommend you to check for reviews if you’re intend to buy clothes online.  

Customer Reviews are very profitable bits of data since they give you an idea of the product and how well it works. 

Output for remarks and comments regarding the quality of the cloth, fit and nature of the material, seaming, and stitching, and laundry process.

You can also survey your friends and colleagues to deduce if the cloths in a particular store are quality of the inferior product, so you can identify if it is worth shopping in that store.

4. Research The Fabric Materials

When you’ve seen your preferred cloth and store, the next thing you have to do is to feel the material. The texture of a material is as important as the size of that particular cloth.

The texture of the cloth tells you how durable the cloth is. There’s nothing more awful than the feeling you get after purchasing a dress you’ve been eying for a long time is not what it seems.

When you purchase it, you discover that the texture feels like sandpaper and has pointy seams that stab your skin.

Since you can’t contact the texture if you are shopping online, you can understand the material by taking a good look at the photo, it’s a smart move to school yourself on the texture structure of a particular cloth.

5. Be Adaptable and Flexible

When shopping online, take note of how a colour shows up on-screen is not the same when they are delivered. This same scenario occurs when you are in a market.

During a critical inspection, you will get to discover that not every cloth turn out to be what they turn out to be. If your preferred clothes or dress is not what you expected upon close inspection, you should be flexible to switch it with another one on your shopping basket.

 If not, you will end up leaving with that particular cloth for another. Always remember to be flexible and not rigid when shopping for clothes.

Tips For Buying High-Quality Clothes When Shopping as a Nigerian

The Ultimate Cloth Buying Guide For Nigerians

For buyers reading this ultimate cloth buying guide for Nigerians, we advise you to storm the market for high-quality clothes and not the substandard ones. Maybe you’ve noticed that sometimes when you wash your new T-shirt, the color fades and it looks like it was purchased nine months ago.

Or when you just finished washing your jeans, you just notice that a hole has opened in the seam of the jeans and this jean is less than 3 months old.

Sometimes it is a thread is hanging from the seam of your shirt after just a few days of purchasing it.

All these are signs that the cloth that you bought is of inferior quality and is probably not going to last. We like shopping for clothes and always want new stuff, but not all clothing is made to last.

The quality of original clothes in the market is declining due to fast production, fashion trends and cheap price to increase sales. This makes buying original clothes that will last longer and still look good on you is hard.

If you want to buy better clothes that last us longer and still look good on you, you have to know what to look for when we’re shopping. The features of clothes you should look out for are:


  • The Label


The content of every cloth matters. The label of the cloth tells you if it is made from fiber, silk, extracted from plants and animals, synthetics, cotton, wool, linen, polyester, acrylic, spandex, rayon, and other man-made fibers obtained from plastics and petrochemical.

As you can see, the label of every cloth carries a great deal of information. A lot of brands has been using technology to improve the texture of their fabric.

Sometimes, these fabrics are blended with natural materials to create fabrics that feel a lot like natural fibres. Using the wrong washing, drying or detergent agent may destroy the fabric.

The label of the clothes tells the materials used in making it such as 100% cotton etc and how the fabric should be handled like do not iron, do not bleach, etc.

 The label of most shirts are found on the neck of the shirts and trousers, the labels are put at the base of the spinal cord, slightly above the buttocks.


  • Closely Investigate The Seam And Stitches


Don’t just look at them on the outside of the cloth that you want to buy, have a look inside and see the structure. Fabric is the material used in making the cloth, the seam and stitches are what hold your clothes together.

You don’t need to be a tailor to tell that there is something wrong with the seam of a cloth that you are planning to buy.

The fabric isn’t the only element that counts when shopping for clothes. It is also important to check the seams holding the garment together. How do I know a good seam or cloth stitch? This ultimate cloth buying guide for Nigerians recommend you  to make proper investigation to know a good stitch.

The stitches on your cloth should be even, closely spaced, and lying flat on the fabric. This is one of the main causes of wardrobe malfunction. For a stitch to be made, a sewing machine makes use of two threads.

If the sewing machine mistakenly pulls on the fabric differently and the tension between the sewing machine and the cloth isn’t balanced, it makes a bad stitch. Making the stitch too loose or too tight.

If the seams and stitches look sloppy, or there are spots where they appear loose or stitched over multiple times then be ready for the worst when you purchase that cloth, those are warning signs that that particular cloth wasn’t built to last.


If you can follow all the tips outlined in this ultimate cloth buying guide for Nigerians, we can assure you that you’ll find it smoother when shopping for clothes.

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